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Hair Services

Are just around the corner, it’s time for new experiences and new looks! If you want to give yourself a new cut this but don’t have a clue where to go, we are here to help you out. We are a team of the best professionals who can blindly be trusted with a haircut job. One of the best things about having a haircut at the Lipstick Jungle Salon is that we provide a complete package, from haircut to hair styling to hair maintenance. For us, it’s not only about running a pair of scissors in your hair; we spend a considerable amount of time discussing what look you need, how that cut will be achieved, and how you can style your hair after the haircut.

Our hair services are not limited to haircuts and hair maintenance; we take ultimate pride in providing the best hair colors for our customers. Your hair represents your personality, and we are all set to give your hair a color that suits you the best and gives a clear impression of the amazing person you are!

Nail Services

As small and inconsiderable nails seem, they need the most care and attention. We have got everything from something as basic as cutting and filing to professional acrylics. It doesn’t matter if you need care for your breaking nails or want a new look; we have various nail treatments to give your nails a new look and make them look presentable. Nails are essential, and they should not be taken for granted; this is why we put our thoughts, time and efforts into providing premium nail services.

Our nail services include special manicure/pedicure, powder dips, acrylics, gel/shellac polishes and much more. If you want to experience our nail care solutions to the fullest, you will have to book an appointment first. There are numerous nail care services available in your area, but nothing compared to what the Lipstick Jungle Salon has to offer you.

Lash Services

What makes you unique is what makes you gorgeous. That’s why our exceptional lash stylists are professionally trained to bring out the best in you. Our innovatively crafted lash styles are available in a large variety because we ensure no two customers look the same. We aim to celebrate the differences that make us all stand out. Our services include lash extensions, enhancement, lifting, and much more.

We have a unique in-house, and each one of them has a lash artist certification. So, you can book your appointment with confidence without worrying about anything. We strive to interweave the best quality into every aspect of our services. We are continuously working hard to bring in new and innovative styles and help you reach your beauty goals, no matter how high they are.




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